GVF VSAT Installer Certification

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A VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a two-way satellite ground station with a dish antenna that is smaller than 3 meters.


Common uses include:

  • Transmission of narrowband data (point of sale transactions, polling or RFID data, telemetry) 
  • Transmission of broadband data (VoIP, video, satellite internet access, corporate networking, distance learning) 
  • Mobile antenna services (satellite  news gathering, maritime services, special event broadcasting) 


Modern VSAT systems are integral to today's global infrastructure.  As the technology continues to advance they are delivering more services at lower costs.  As the technology requires a knowledgebase in both RF and IP, getting VSAT certification not only expands your skill-set but opens doors for new opportunities.


Endorsed and recommended by the major satellite operators, the curriculum developed by the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) is delivered through self-paced online knowledge training with a hands-on skills verification test.


There are three levels of certification:


GVF Basic VSAT Installation Certification 
Basic skills that all VSAT installers must have to help prevent interference.  


Curriculum consists of: 

  • GVF510 (Core Skills for VSAT Installers) 
  • The formal GVF Hands-On Skills Test. 


GVF Advanced VSAT Installation and Maintenance Certification 
Knowledge and theory for all expert VSAT field technicians. 


Curriculum consists of: 

  • GVF Basic VSAT Installation Certification 
  • GVF520 (Satcom Fundamentals) 
  • GVF521 (Practical Technique for VSAT Installers) 


GVF Specialty Certifications  
Curriculum consists of: 


  • GVF Advanced Certification plus completion of one of the online specialty courses: 
  • GVF503i (iDirect Remote Terminal Installation) 
  • GVF503H (Hughes HN/HX Terminal Installation) 
  • GVF503G (Gilat SkyEdge II VSAT Installation) 


Students who complete the requirements for Advanced and Specialty certifications may be listed in the public database at www.gvf.org, which is an excellent resource for service providers seeking qualified field technicians.