DIRECTV HD Headend Technologies

The objective of this course is to educate students on the DIRECTV COM1000/2000 HD system designed for MDU applications.  The course covers the entire process of system equipment, design, installation, and troubleshooting.  


Cost: $299


Upon completion of this course students will:


  • Know proper setup procedures for the Harmonic Edge QAM controller in relation to the COM1000/2000 system 
  • Know proper COM24 card setup procedures
  • Know ramifications of improperly installed outside plant equipment 
  • Understand troubleshooting steps to solve basic issues 
  • Have demonstrated skill sets through hands on lab sessions 
  • Be able to set up a laptop to provision a COM1000/2000 system 
  • Recognize spectrum limitations and QAM channel limitations 
  • Define what PRO:IDIOM encryption is and its use in this application 
  • 1 Day Course, with the test given at the end of the day 
  • An 85% or better is needed to pass 
  • 1 Free retake of the test is available should the tech not pass


It is recommended that technicians attempting this certification already hold SBCA certifications at the Satellite Fundamentals and MDU/SMATV Essentials levels.  Additionally techs should have: 


  • Thorough understanding of RF Distribution 
  • Ability to calculate specific equations regarding signal loss 
  • Understand the principles of OHM's Law 
  • Understand the principle of Watt's Law 
  • Understand the principles of Volt's Law 
  • Ability to perform BTU calculation 
  • Understanding of the current NEC code 
  • Knowledge of all relevant SCTE symbols 
  • Understanding of cable attenuation 
  • Knowledge of frequency guides 


DIRECTV HD Headend Technologies Classroom Courses are presented exclusively by DSI, PDI-Sat and Perfect 10.