Certification FAQs

Lodging and Institution (and MDU) systems, including hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, and other managed properties in which a single antenna serves an entire building.

MDU, SMATV, D2 Advantage, and DRE (non-managed system version). These are delivered by SatProf on behalf of SBCA.

Go to www.sbca.org, click on the Certification, and then the Commercial link. Scroll down to the appropriate certification and click the Learn More button. The order link is on this page. When you check out and pay your tuition, you will create a new account in our learning system and you will be enrolled in the learning modules as well as the certification exam. You'll need to complete ALL the learning modules and enter the 'prerequisites completed' course before the system will allow you to enter the certification exam course. When you pass the certification course, your certificate will immediately be available!

General Students: Online course modules are open for 120 days after you are enrolled. Under certain special circumstances, we may be able to give you a one-time extension of your access for a short time so you can finish. Just write to us at sbcasupport@satprof.com. The best solution is to subscribe to the Resources and Maintenance Subscription. That will give you total access to all your courses, as well as any updates and re-certifications you may need. 


DTV MDU Dealer Program Students: Your online course modules are open for 2 years after you are enrolled. This includes course access as well as the D2A Toolbox access. 

You must complete the required online learning modules first.

Log into your account at training.sbca.org, select 'My Training' and 'Results'. If unsure contact: helpdesk@sbca.org

SBCA Fundamentals and L&I certifications are good for two years. The expiration date will appear on your certificate.


For SBCA Fundamentals you can renew by purchasing and taking the SBCA Satellite Fundamentals recertification. 


For L&I certifications before it expires, you will be able to enroll in the current certification exam at no extra charge if you have a valid Resources and Maintenance Subscription. 

SBCA Fundamentals Recertifcation: Yes, the review materials are included with the exam purchase. 


L&I: No. But if you have an Annual Subscription, you get continued access to all relevant online courses, including updated courses. Reviewing the online courses is the ideal way to prepare for the exams. 

They are the same. The certification course in the learning system contains the exam for each topic, and serves for both initial certification and recertification.

General Students: If there are important changes in the materials, we will update the course module, and the old version will no longer count as a prerequisite for entering the recertification exam. In that case, you would need to purchase and complete the new version of the module(s) before you can access the recert exam. A better value option is to enroll in the Resources and Maintenance Subsciption, and you will automatically get access to any and all new versions of your course modules.


DTV MDU Dealer Program Students: This program includes enrollment in all updated course modules. you will automatically be enrolled in any updated modules. 

The current requirements for D2A certification is D2A Edition 3 certification. 

D2 Advantage technology is constantly evolving and DIRECTV works closely with SBCA and SatProf to keep training and certification up to date for the best customer experience. The new D2 Advantage Edition 3 training program, which
has now been introduced, contains information, skills training, and planning tools that DIRECTV has determined as necessary for all D2 Advantage technicians. Please note that SBCA and SatProf do not set the requirements, deadlines or
costs for the programs we administer; these policies are set exclusively by DIRECTV. SBCA and SatProf are not authorized to modify any of these requirements or costs on behalf of retailers or technicians. Should you have a concern
about the D2 Advantage certification program, costs or requirements, please contact your DIRECTV sales representative
or your distributor.

Yes. This is a DIRECTV requirement. D2 Advantage certification training has evolved significantly since your last class
or exam. You can update your certification by completing the Continuing Education bundle available for D2A ed 2 certified
students available under the D2A tab under Commercial Certifications at sbca.org.

The D2 Advantage system continuously evolves and DIRECTV requires that all D2A technicians be well trained in the
current system. In addition, DIRECTV now requires D2A certification holders to be able to correctly plan a system from
scratch for correct RF levels. The new certification exam and training cover these topics thoroughly and includes design
tools for these skills.

No, but the Continuing Education module is very important. It covers all updated information since the ed 2 courses/
exam were released. Additionally, it includes an updated design toolbox and now provides the toolbox as a desktop app
you can use offline.

Send an email to sbcasupport@satprof.com requesting enrollment in the D2A Edition 3 Course and Exam Bundle.
There is no additional charge. You must complete the SB209 Continuing Education course and the re-certification exam.

Purchase a D2A Edition 3 Course and Exam Bundle here. Quantity discounts are available; contact sbcasupport@
satprof.com for a quotation.

General Students: Simply enroll in a Resources and Maintenance Subscription. That gives you unlimited retakes and extended access to the learning courses so you can study any topics you need to focus on. It also keeps your D2A toolbox open and accessible for the duration of your subscription.


DTV MDU Dealer Program Students: Email us at sbcasupport@satprof.com and we'll reset your exam for you.

General Students: The fee for the D2A Edition 3 Course and Exam bundle is shown on the main D2A training page sbca.org under the Certification/Commercial tab. The SB209 Continuing Education course/exam bundle is also shown there for students who have previously completed the D2A ed 2 certification.


DTV MDU Dealer Program Students: The updated courses are included in the DTV MDU Dealer program.

Definitely! The courses include the downloadable D2A Quick Reference Guide, which includes DIRECTV's official D2A design rules and other useful data. You also get access to interactive D2A Toolbox simulators which allow you to quickly plan a complete D2A trunk system for RF levels, automatically taking into account cable losses, gain slopes, and SWiM levels. This toolbox is now provided as a standalone desktop app that can be used independently of the online training courses.

General Students: SBCA will grant one (1) 30-day no-charge extension upon application to sbcasupport@satprof.com. However, we suggest you consider enrolling in a Resources and Maintenance Subscription, which gives you unlimited access to your previously-enrolled courses and any updates (including Edition 3), as well as unlimited retakes of exams.


DTV MDU Dealer Program Students: The program includes access to your courses and tools for two years from your enrollment date. If we have not extended your courses out, please email us at sbcasupport@satprof.com.

They are the same. However, before you can attempt the D2 Advantage Edition 3 certification exam, you must pass the learning courses in the bundle or, for D2A Edition 2 certified techs, the SB209 Continuing Education module. At recertification time, you will retake the exam, and you may also be required to retake any learning courses that have substantially changed.

As technology evolves, and as providers including DIRECTV roll out new products and services, training requirements are continually being updated. The subscription gives you full ongoing access to all the latest versions of your online courses so you can prepare for recertification testing. Your subscription also includes free recertification exams for all SatProf-powered certifications you currently hold, so it can easily pay for itself. It also keeps access to the D2A toolbox open so you can continue to use the design tools.

You must pass the following online training courses: SB 101, 102, and 103 (General fundamentals of DC, RF, and satellite television), and SB 201, 202, 203, 204, all at Edition 3 (D2A training). You must also pass the D2A Edition 3 Certification Exam. All of these are online and available in a bundle at www.sbca.org under Certifications>Commercial.

No. The online courses are self-paced and interactive, and have been designed with DIRECTV to specifically cover all of the topics and standards now required for D2 Advantage. The online courses also include simulator tools which you will need to know how to use in the exam, and on the job. DIRECTV does not authorize any classroom training as an alternative to the Edition 3 learning courses (SB 200 series). However, the online courses can serve as excellent preparation for follow-up classroom or hands-on sessions.

Yes. The learning system will not allow you to open the exam until you have completed all prerequisite online learning courses.

General Students: You get one retake (two attempts altogether) at the D2A Edition 3 exam. If you need another retake, you should enroll in the Resources and Maintenance Subscription.


DTV MDU Dealer Program Students: This program includes unlimited exam retakes. Please email us at sbcasupport@satprof.com to request your exam reset.

Currently, SBCA does not require you to repeat the online learning courses in the SB 100 series. You may re-purchase the exam, or if you have taken the exam before and you have a current Resources and Maintenance Subscription, you may enroll in the recertification exam at any time on request at no additional charge.