SBCA MDU Certification (Non-DTV Certification)

SBCA MDU Certification holders are trained in the theory of satellite television systems and its application to general-purpose multiple dwelling systems, such as apartment buildings.


To receive SBCA MDU Certification, you must successfully complete the following online activities: 


  • Course SB101: SBCA online learning and certification overview 
  • Course SB102: RF and DC Theory for Satellite Systems 
  • Course SB103: Theory of Satellite TV Systems 
  • Course SB104: Test and Measurement in Satellite TV Systems 
  • Course SB106: MDU Systems 
  • MDU Certification Exam 


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Upon purchase, students have 120 days to access course materials and complete the certification program. You may re-purchase the certification exam after two years to re-certify. Required courses only need to be retaken if the course has significantly changed. Students may purchase an annual  subscription that will allow access to previously purchased course materials, free access to any upgraded/revised courses, free re-certification exams, and a discount on new courses for an additional year.


Training Specifications: SB102 and SB103 / SB104 and SB106 


Audience: All technical personnel working with multiple dwelling unit or similar systems other than DIRECTV. If you are working with DIRECTV MDU systems, you should register for D2 Advantage or D2 Advantage+ certification training.


Duration: Allow 10 - 30 hours of online study to complete all the required courses and the exam.


Delivery: Animated & interactive HTML/Flash, self-paced, online format. Requires Internet access while studying the course material. High speed access is preferred but is NOT required. Student's computer must be Windows or Mac OSX and have the current version of a major browser (IE, FF, or Chrome) and of Adobe Flash player.


Tests: In each course, a quiz will follow each lesson. You must pass all quizzes and view all pages to complete each course.


MDU Certification exam: Approx. 45 questions, drawn from all SB102, SB103, SB104, and SB106 courses. 2 Attempts. No Free Retakes.


Existing students: If you have previously enrolled in a course powered by SatProf (MDU, SMATV, D2A) and are seeking to re-certify or enroll in a different certification program, please log in to your existing account and use the Add New Courses button.  If you are uncertain of whether you have previously enrolled in a course powered by SatProf, click here.