DIRECTV D2 Advantage

SBCA D2 Advantage Edition 3 Certification is now required for all technicians working on D2 Advantage.


The Edition 3 series, including all D2A learning courses and D2 Advantage Certification exam, is now available. Highlights for Edition 3 include an updated and expanded D2Advantage Toolbox App (including simulators to run offline while at a job site), updated information on Reverse Band downlinks, and comprehensive information and planning rules for new equipment including the SL5RB ODU and DSWiM-30 modules.


To receive SBCA D2 Advantage Certification, you must successfully complete the following online:


Learning Bundle (New Students):

  • Course SB101: SBCA Online Learning and Certification Overview
  • Course SB102: RF and DC Theory for Satellite Systems
  • Course SB103: Theory of Satellite TV Systems
  • Course SB201 Ed. 3: The DIRECTV D2 Advantage System
  • Course SB202 Ed. 3:  D2A Components
  • Course SB203 Ed. 3:  D2A Wiring and Setup
  • Course SB204 Ed. 3: AIM for D2A Overview
  • D2 Advantage Edition 3 Certification Exam 



Continuing Education Bundle (Previously Certified D2A Edition 2 Students):

  • A previously completed SBCA D2A Edition 2 Certification
  • Course SB209 Ed. 3: D2 Advantage Continuing Education
  • D2 Advantage Edition 3 Certification Exam
  • Important! Edition 2 Students note: Click the link below, Proceed to Checkout, and use your existing D2A login details during checkout. Email to recover login details. 


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Structure: Each course contains 3 - 5 lessons, with 20-100 screens/steps per lesson.


D2 Advantage Edition 3 Certification exam: Written part contains 60 questions, drawn from all SB 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, and 204 courses; Two (2) hours is allowed. Skills test part contains skills test using trunk level setting simulator. Two (2) attempts. No free retakes.


Audience: All technical personnel working with D2 Advantage and DRE systems.


Duration: Allow 20 - 50 hours of online study to complete all the required courses and the exam.


Delivery: Animated & interactive HTML/Flash, self-paced, online format. Requires internet access while studying the course material. High speed access is preferred but is NOT required. Student's computer must be Windows or Mac OSX and have the current version of a major browser (IE, FF, or Chrome) and of Adobe Flash player.


Tests: In each course, there is a quiz after each lesson. You must pass all quizzes and view all pages to complete each course.


App: D2A Toolbox off-line app is included with all Edition 3 courses. Includes Trunk Planner Simulator, Post-SWiM Wiring Level simulator, and complete Quick Reference Guide. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Operation requires continued unexpired enrollment in Edition 3 courses.