Residential Certifications

As both J.D. Power and Associates and Consumer Reports have noted, satellite enjoys a superior customer service rating among its multichannel competitors. Sustaining and improving those ratings is critical to the future success of the satellite industry. SBCA strives to continuously enhance offerings in satellite dish system certification and training to improve customer experience and strengthen advocacy in licensing area. 

Satellite Fundamentals Re-Certification

Extend your SBCA Satellite Fundamentals Certification for another 24 months by taking an online re certification test.

Satellite Fundamentals

The SBCA Satellite Fundamentals course is designed to provide technicians with an understanding of the basic knowledge and expectations they will need to successfully install and maintain a satellite system. The program is designed to assess the skills and knowledge of a satellite technician.

DIRECTV Retailer Technician Course

This course compromises the online content needed to complete the DIRECTV Retailer Technician Certification program.